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Racial Slur directed at blacks.

Blacks are sometimes called monkeys (which swing on trees) and are therefore called tree swingers.
Hey tree swinger, why dont you go up there and get me some apples?
by JBS July 09, 2004
(Australian Slang) 1. One who makes a mockery of themselves and others subconsciously or without intent.
2. One who cannot make up their mind.
3. Anyone roughly defined as a fool or buffoon.
That Rodger Barley; What a fucking tree-swinger!
by Agent FareEvader August 12, 2003
A white kid who dresses like he's from "the hood" and listens to lame, bongo-pounding jungle bullshit (rap). Does not listen to heavy metal because he thinks its "too fast, angry, and agressive."
Fuckin treeswinger thinks he's black...

by AnthonyGodofMetal December 10, 2006

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