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The happy happy smoke, marijuana, endo, trees.
"Dude, I need to score some tree spot."
by Chuck Whitby November 06, 2002
Tree Spot is a hella chill tree in Los Osos, CA. Many a young adventurer go there to smoke marijuana. There are 3 good spots to sit, and if you dont call one of the three before you get there, you either have to stand or sit in 5 and 6.
It is close to town and easy and convinient.
The 2nd best spot next to bay spot
"Lets go blaze at Tree Spot!"
"Dibs on #2 spot."
"Alright, I get #1."
"shit i dont want to have to stand again!"

Tree Spot is amazing.
by ftwyeeniggayeee August 18, 2008
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