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Tree Spot is a hella chill tree in Los Osos, CA. Many a young adventurer go there to smoke marijuana. There are 3 good spots to sit, and if you dont call one of the three before you get there, you either have to stand or sit in 5 and 6.
It is close to town and easy and convinient.
The 2nd best spot next to bay spot
"Lets go blaze at Tree Spot!"
"Dibs on #2 spot."
"Alright, I get #1."
"shit i dont want to have to stand again!"

Tree Spot is amazing.
by ftwyeeniggayeee August 18, 2008
ultimatly the worst smoke spot ever.
it sucks
its really sketch
close to tree spot
owned by bay spot
dude. just dont go there if ur in los osos, ca.
just trust me on that one
"lets go to bench spot."
"nah dude, its sketch."
"no dude, we'll be quick."
*walk to bench spot and light up*
"I knew we shoulda gone to Tree Spot."
by ftwyeeniggayeee August 18, 2008
One of the newer, and cooler, spots to blaze in Los Osos,CA.
Its much better than Bench Spot
and somewhat better than Tree Spot
Its really secretive, so if you know about it, don't go blabbing it around. its chill as fuck, but it is kinda out of the way.
"hey lets go blaze at monarch!"
"no way dude, lets go to bay spot, its a little farther, but its way worth it."

bayspot/bay spot is the SHIT.
by ftwyeeniggayeee August 18, 2008
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