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A slang term for a .357 Magnum firearm, usually a revolver
A shortened version of Tre Pound Seven, Which means 357 refering to the caliber of the gun.
"The nozzle on my Tre Pound is three inches long, and the kick on a four four is extremely strong" -50 Cent, I run NY
by Alkapwn January 28, 2009
slang term for .357 Magnum
you know I'm rockin with the best, tre pound on my hip, teflon on my chest
by Ho-Town May 04, 2005
a gun, specifically 357, hence tre (tres; spanish)
"Tre pound's in the house, bad news"
by 3dubz June 06, 2006
its a 38' in other words a gun.
let me hold the 38' ill give it back
by PARLAE September 19, 2004
A .380 Semi-auto pistol. Weights roughly 3 pounds.

The most common is the Walther PPK, the gun made famous by 007, James Bond.
A clean tre pound wit no bodies on it usually run around $250 in the hood.
by Chase December 05, 2006
a gun such as a glock
"tre pound on my hip teflon on my chest" the game how we do
by 50 Cent 05 February 19, 2005