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Where shopping is a pleasure... but working is an utter hell.
At Publix, we make sure that our associates will give up everything short of their lives to make life for a single customer a better one.
by Ho-Town July 08, 2005
slang term for .357 Magnum
you know I'm rockin with the best, tre pound on my hip, teflon on my chest
by Ho-Town May 04, 2005
the worst hood in Orlando, even worse than Pine Hills
don't come into Parramore unless you wanna get glocked down
by Ho-Town March 22, 2005
a slang term for Colt .45 pistol
you know I'm rockin with the best fo pound on my hip, gold chains on my chest
by Ho-Town May 04, 2005
Nickname for Valencia Community College, located in east Orlando. See VCC
I'm attending Val State because I got a 440 on my SAT and couldn't get into any college in Florida.
by Ho-Town September 10, 2005
a suburban town located north of Orlando. basically the same as Winter Park, but without Park Avenue.
Maitland has some nice neighborhoods on the east side and not-so-nice neighborhoods on the west side.
by Ho-Town November 14, 2005
Home of Orlando's Chinatown, near State Road 50 (Colonial)
Mills Avenue contains about 110% of all Asian food stores in Orlando.
by Ho-Town March 24, 2005

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