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when a person, who has been recently affected by a traumatic event of which they are in denial, writes status updates, comments, posts and replies with complete and utter sarcasm, offending their unfunny friends, not caring, and realizing they're funnier than before the traumatic event.
a few examples of traumabooking:

a) "wow. i'm sorry to hear about your awful day at work. sounds rough. i am pretty sure that me having a kid with cancer TRUMPS your slow internet, annoying co-worker who talks too loud, and your decreased salary due to your lack of sales. nice try though!"

b) "i loved looking at the pictures of your beautiful wedding! thanks for sharing! you do realize, however, that in the company "how long will they last" pool, i went with 2 kids and 5 years. good luck!"
by britney jennifer speers September 11, 2012
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