A person, girl in particular, that works very hard, doing ANYTHING, to get everyone's attention, sexually, even gives out her personal information, then bitches about it when they get a stalker or someone says something to them about being trashy.

by Take a guess. ;) October 01, 2003
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The new word to describe things that are "cool" "sick" "rad"
This music is so trashy!
by vermont__rox April 21, 2009
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(adj.) To have clinging, throwaway (in the trash, one would assume) qualities.
Emma is a very trashy ho, with a loose vagina, which rather surprisingly, I haven't tapped yet. She never muched liked me though.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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hangs out in south boston with bc high boys
OMG (random junior girl) went to that party in southie?
Yeah, she is so TRASHY!
by beyonceshalo April 06, 2009
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Having or acting in a nature of poor quality
Judy makes trashy decisions. She always walks away when her mother is talking
by Deasignes May 23, 2017
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Omg Alannah Clements in 10th grade at William Byrd high school is so trashy....
by Hahakamicnajammixbajnd September 18, 2016
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