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Trashtise is derived from 2 words: trash and chastise
trash: a disreputable person
chastise: to punish, to scold sharply
Definition of trashtise: to sharply scold a disreputable person.

The difference between chastise & trashtise is that the recipient is disreputable.

One would properly use trashtise when they wanted or needed to drive home a point in a very strong manner.

Trashtised is only used in reference to a verbal beating and must NEVER refer to any physical altercation. This is in an effort to promote a kinder, gentler planet.

Wow, Jane really trashtised Betty Sue for lying about her!”

Jane: “I’m going to trashtise you for spreading rumors about me!”
Betty Sue: “Oh shit.”

by janesinsane September 22, 2007
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