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someone who dumps their trash in your dumpster, woods, or on the beach, or on your lawn
"My neighbor is such a trashole! He left his McDonalds crap all over my lawn!"
by yoyoyo58 July 16, 2008
Someone who litters; a litterbug. An asshole who litters.
Hey trashole, you dropped your beer bottle in my yard. Look at that trashole in the car ahead of us, he just threw a McDonald's bag out of his window. There are a lot of trasholes in our neighborhood, it's like no one's ever heard of a garbage can.
by Rogers Park March 15, 2011
a girl or guy that is a slut and only wants to have anal sex, no oral or vaginal intercourse
Guy: yo i met this girl Tracy last night
Guy 1: yeah man she is a total trashole, did that last weekend
by Waveyyy November 05, 2011