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trappin' is another word for drug dealing
my brother be trappin' in the hood, cause he's a trap boy
by kish September 20, 2005
328 118
The act of dealing or selling illegal drugs for the accumulation of wealth. Drug dealers often partake in “Trappin”. The word originates from Atlanta Georgia.
"I was trappin on the corner when the 5o rolled up", or, "He is trappin at the party and making a killin"
by T.I March 04, 2005
903 196
To sell drugs
James be trappin on Taylor road
by ShAdY September 06, 2003
446 203
trappin-slangin,sellin dat work,makin bread.
man dat girl nesha be trappin on da bay.
by keibaby September 03, 2005
344 265
To keep working. Staying in a state of progression. Trying to progress. While accomplishing a task. Also selling drugs with no significant gain, and/or promotion with a high probability of loss, hence the trap.
In the hood trappin, trappin out the house with the boards on the window
by AntDawg November 23, 2013
12 11
The act of the local police speed trapping people or doing random DUI stops.
Yo, pigs was trappin' all damn night yo.
by J-man November 24, 2003
21 212
Trappin : Cool; Bangin; Hot; Awesome.
Trap-on (To keep/get your "trap-on") : Chill; stay cool.
Ashleys getting her trap-on with that 20 bag. It's some trappin shit.
by Nox February 19, 2003
88 624