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To rub the bottom of the nose in an outward direction(away from your face) with your index finger.
Hey guy, could you stop tranting all over me please.

I was tranting on the dance floor all night long.
by trant machine May 02, 2010
what doesnt it mean?
i want to pull him into a corner by his belt loops and trant all over his face.

hold on, i need to wash my trant.

j.trunk is totally checking out that trant, skeeter.

trant, lindsey! way to bring it in!
by tiishalicious April 26, 2007
Trant n. A rant or series of tweets (usually vulgar or offensive) that often precede the loss of two or three followers for the Twitter user making them.
This guy's on a trant!

After that trant, I'm gonna unfollow this bitch so she stops clogging up my timeline.
by Mr. Greenjeans December 24, 2010
A rant on Twitter (i.e. a 140-character rant).
TRANT: "Instant Expert Syndrome": When the ignorant speak as if there were experts...as in know-it-all health insurance company service reps
by benthos100 April 13, 2009
somebody pissing you off
he is a f*****g trant
by jasper carrot September 09, 2006