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Transmuters are boots designed by shoe designer Terry deHavilland. They are knee high, made of leather with 5 straps on either boot. They have a 5" heel and 3" platform and are usually black or white {Though the white ones are more expensive}. The unique thing about these boots is that you can buy extra panels for them and customise them {Which is where the name 'transmuter' comes from, the panels can be rubber spikes or tendrils, UV Panels, Chrome panels or chrome with spikes. Gene Simmons from Kiss was the first man to own a pair, and Marilyn Manson also owns a pair. These were the first boots i ever fell in love with. Alternative people, such as 'gothic', 'cyber' and 'candies' tend to wear them. They are *Rather* Expensive ranging from £60 - £160 for just the boots and £15 - £55 for the panels. Companies that mak the panels include Couch and Prohibition Pussy.
Louis: Megs getting some transmuters soon
Me: *Eye twitches*....*envy*...*Plans to steal*...Grr
by Static_Alice December 28, 2004
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