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Pertaining to either a blue-collar or white-collar worker who feels he's trapped in the body of the other.....
Alex: "Brozay, why are you moving away from the city and to the sticks? You're a Wall Street man."
Mo: "I don't know, brozay. I'm just feelin' so trans-collared; I wanna hang with the common folk. Much more down to earth."
by dan moses July 31, 2008
172 22
To be a white or blue-collared worker who feels trapped in the world of the other
Steve: "Brozay, why are you moving to the Poconos? The Wall Street lifestyle around here seems to suit you a lot better."
Dan: "Nah, not really. It's all show and airs and one-upmanship around here...I feel trans-collared, man. I'm basically a down to earth kind of guy trapped in a white-collared society."
by dan moses September 24, 2008
172 32