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The entire act of an exaggerated or grotesque imitation of a tramp, such as the act of attracting attention through multiple repeated sexual contacts with multiple individuals for no monetary compensation or a series of events culminating in the individual or public knowledge that one/many is/are without morals when faced with the truth of what they did, i.e. last night.
Witness: "She let those boys do what?... What a trampesty." or
Witness 1: "She was in the bathroom with that guy forever and her boyfriend just sat there like a pussy."
Witness 2: "That is a true trampesty."
Participant: "I think it was only four or six, maybe."
Witness: "She broke up with him, that is why he is making out with that ugly chic at the bar... Trampesty."

by Vincent Lechizo March 30, 2006
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