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any person or place that is overrun with a highly concentrated number of tramps in motion, usually found on a dancefloor of a club, bar, or concert.
Last week I went to that hot new club and i almost got stuck in the middle of a trampede.
by Blondiegurl August 23, 2006
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A large, bulky girl running through you and your friends down the hallway with tons of junk hanging from her neck, backpack, and everything else.... originally said accidentally but conveniently worked for the situation
"Omigod!!! That was like a one person trampede! Oops.... I mean..."
by attackedbyatrampede February 06, 2009
Derived from "stampede", a trampede is a cluster of women, usually from age 18-21 that roam the winter streets in short skirts and heels, usually looking for a frat or house party of any sort. They are almost invariably easy to sleep with, and can be easily spotted on any given college campus due to their tendency to make loud, annoying noises and fall down.
"Looks like a big trampede coming our way, Joey."

"Yeah dude, I heard them a mile away."
by Tommy Eggie January 23, 2009
1. A stampede that results in a trampling.
2. A sudden rush or mass movement of whores.
1. My friend died in a trampede of bulls in Spain.
2. The best discounts for prosititutes are found during trampedes.
by Jake-n-Chica September 02, 2009
A charged up group of bullish shoppers that stampede through the doors of a store to grab every sale item in sight...
Wal Mart has decided to issue wristbands for entry into their stores on Black Friday to avoid tragic and fatal trampedes by ruthless and pushy shoppers.
by don samson December 05, 2009
A stampede of tramps.
A few days ago in Spanish class, a guy said trampede. One person asked what that is. Another guy said it was a stampede of tramps. The whole class laughed and I could see my teacher trying not to laugh, then she did. I know why I love this class. MLIA.
by AliasM October 11, 2009
When a shit-load of women (tramps) in high heels and short skirts come stampeding towards you. This mainly happens in a mall where they storm towards a store with new releases of fassion items or otherwise. It can result in a huge amount of damage to unfortunate shoppers that just so happen to be in the way. Victims then return home with a big smile on their face after looking up one of the womens' skirts and most probably with a high heel stuck up their arse. One generally needs to be very convincing in their excuse when returning home so as not to be dumped by girlfriends or wives. In weird cases, boyfriends or husbands.
Wife: what happend?

Husband: I was trampeded on the way to the book store this morning.

Wife: Why are you smiling then?

Husband: I saw saw pure virginity and got one of them to get their high heels out of my arse.
by Mr KC R April 11, 2011

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