a transvesdite. an insult to usually a gurl, which iz basically callin her a dude, n sayin dat she has a pee pee...or vise versa wit a dude. ;)
1: ay she a trainee son
2: cus u a TRAAANEEEE
3: shut tha fuk up trainee
by Chanel April 16, 2005
Top Definition
A Person that is training at a company. A trainee can debut as an Idol in the future. They have a schedule set by the company. A lot of trainees quit their contract with a company because of exhaustion.
Person1: Have you heard of Suho?
Person2: Yes, he was a trainee for 7 years!
by Oh Sehun November 16, 2014
A French word that some dumb English speaking girls assume to have the same meaning as in English and use it to introduce themselves at a new workplace in France. "Trainée" means "slut" in French.
Boss: «Bonjour, vous êtes nouvelle ici?»
Girl: «Oui, c'est mon premier jour. Je suis une trainée.»
Boss: «Ouh lala! Très très bien! Allez, suce ma bite, petite pute!»
by londonsufist July 11, 2016
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