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see run a train

Refers to the girl in the situation illustrated above.
That hoe is a train station.
by |AoC| JyL November 02, 2005
A place/girl where many trains pass through.
California girl A: I had 10 boyfriends last month.
California girl B: Oh yeah? I had 12 boyfriends last month!
Ted: *looks at them* Both of you are train stations. Gross!
by Slammer111 July 09, 2009
to "go to" or "wait at" the train station involves intently watching as your buddies run a train and lustfully wait in line for your ride.
Dude Mike that three hour wait at the train station was so worth it. That bitch took each of us like a beast.
by flossyflossay February 01, 2007
Used as a deterrent when someone is mixing records and is unable to mix properly when someone is making words with their face hole.
"... so, yeah. I was totally about to go ham all over those titties but, she..." - Cut off mid-sentence

by NachoDREN November 24, 2013
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