The term given to traditional students who are dazed and not as sophisticated as the students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which is an academically rigorous program designed to give that student hell as well as accomplishment.
Stupid trads, can't even add without their fingers.
by skcrst1 March 06, 2012
An acronym for totally rockin' awesome dude. Also related to rad.
That back flip off the 20-foot high wall was trad
by Chesa Sampson March 26, 2008
When something is technologically advanced or simply put, technologically "rad"...
My car is so trad, it drives itself while serving me coffee..
by Lyoux September 23, 2009
synonymous with 'cliche' this 21st century slang term is used to demean and taunt someone/something that is repetitive, unoriginal, uninspired, generic

comes from the word traditional in its negative conotation
in short your drum and bass night is extremely tired and veritably TRAD!
by tanjent January 07, 2009
Relating to canon pairings in anime.
Lina/Gourry and Ameria/Zelgadiss are the TRAD pairings in Slayers.
by Argy December 13, 2003
1: Short for Tradition when used in reference to a religious group, especially a sect within a specific religion.
Well in my trad, we do things differently.
by InaGoddessEye December 29, 2004
comes from the word retard and is used when wanting to call the victim of the afformentioned taunt without them knowing you are calling them a retard
oh my god you put buttons on a wheelbarrow...your such a trad!
by katie?faith April 23, 2005

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