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noun: one who gets after it, specifically at the track. it helps if you are a smoke show hot chick, even if only from a distance; but you can be anyone. pick a track…nascar, irl, f1, horse, dog, buggy, olympic, amateur, prostitute (look it up), hotwheel, bigwheel, train, subway, off-road, dirt, bike, ice…what ever floats your boat (water). as long as you indulge at a track, you are trackhot.

keep in mind, once you’ve achieved trackhot-ness you are capable of bringing it anywhere.

verb: the action of getting after it at the track. laughing, shouting, drinking, smoking, dressing, undressing, sunbathing, staring, sharing, caring, banging, high-fiving, low-fiving, grooming, gaming, winning, eating, spooning, gambling…how do you like to indulge? as long as you indulge at the track, you are performing trackhot. addictions are expected and often encouraged, as they can exacerbate trackhot.

adj: the description of someone indulging at the track.

you know when you see it and you know you want it. embrace it. be trackhot, don’t just see trackhot.
damn...who's that girl at the track with the american flag tattooed down her entire side? she's trackhot

let's trackhot the shit out this
by mrsnorbi November 21, 2011
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