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A whore,a kiddie whore
see child porn, and priest. traci lords is a whore
by P_E July 27, 2006
A female who lied about her age to get into the porn industry in the 70's and 80's. Best known for her moaning.
Guy: "Dude I saw a movie with Traci Lords in it and when she was moaning I thought she was gonna explode!"

Girl: "I know she really gets me going!"
by The Critic November 24, 2007
A pornstar from the late 70's and early 80's, infamous for starring in her first film while only 16 years old. Is almost single-handedly responsible for the modern-day porn industry's extremely thorough background checks.
Traci Lords films made before she turned 18 are today considered child porn, making them both illegal and at the same time highly valuable collector's items.
by The REAL 2wingo August 01, 2011
A secretive, conniving whore who lied about her age to get into porn. She made her first movie at the age of 16 (1984) and lasted until 1986, when F.B.I. douchebags busted her. She has become a legend in mainstream acting, mostly with guest appearances on TV and minor roles in movies that tanked (a/k/a "cult classics"). Was never charged with a crime in connection to obtaining a U.S. passport with the fake I.D. she used to get into porn.
Traci Lords deserves an Oscar for being the biggest bullshit artist this side of Mars.
by All the Names Have Been Used December 22, 2011
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