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Someone or something that eats fruit in a weird way.
"That monkey is a Toyah!"
by Pip October 01, 2003

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Cheshire slang for a strop / temper tantrum akin to that of a 5 year old.
"That girl's just stormed off to the toilets crying!"

"I know, she's chucked a Toyah"
by Mike Yardley October 01, 2003
n. A MILF who used to be hot until she got a facelift, which unfortunately made her look WORSE, not better. Named after Toyah Wilcox, wife of guitarist Robert Fripp, who did this a few years ago.
I hate it when a celeb gets a facelift and goes from being naturally hot to being a Toyah.
by Yuckbuckah July 19, 2009