A security guard.

A police academy failure.
Dont worry about him, he's just a toy cop.
by Kazimierz June 18, 2005
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A slang term for police or it can be desribed as a security officer.
Rodney; I got my ass kicked by some toy cops in L.A. and I sued their ass in 1992

The toy cops in L.A is nothing joke about. I got a second beating from them in 2002 and I deserved it

Rodney King
by Saints June 23, 2004
1) A security guard or other authority-enforcing officer who is not employed by the state or federal government.

2) A person or persons acting as an autthority figure without the proper credentials.
"That toycop wouldn't let us go on the roof of the horsetrack to watch the fireworks!"
by Geetarz-n-Vox October 14, 2006

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