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Going into a store and stacking items in the middle of the aisle forming a tower. You then take a picture next to the tower with your hands in a point above your head.
dude we went towering this weekend and it was so much fun, we almost got kicked out of the store.
by sully4295 December 20, 2011
Hobby, recreational; When on a tower or a high building, doing it doggy style.

The first pioneer in "Towering" is not just anybody. She's the mayor of a Belgian town named 'Aalst'.

She has founded this new recreation whilest on vacation in Spain.
1. "Look at that couple! They're towering the hell out of the Big Ben"

2. "Dude I'm never ever taking another vacation to Spain, it's full of towers and my girlfriend's newest hobby is towering.

We towered the shit out of Spain, that's for sure."
by Ajoin August 26, 2011
To climb a tower by any means possible, just for the sake of it, and for the adrenalin rush.
Fry: Hey Gonzalo!? Wanna climb that tall mofo, and smoke a joint at the top, listening to stairway to heaven, at four in the morning?
Gonzalo: Yeh dude, time for some TOWERING!
by Francisco Oliva July 04, 2005
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