an arab that wears a religious towel over his head and using this term might upset the person u directed the phrase to because it is obligatory in the islamic religion to wear that towel.
did u c that towel head walking in the street?
by kk G February 12, 2007
The other definitions of this word are inherently wrong as they insinuate that "arabs" wear turbans, which is incorrect. Some people of arab descent may wear some form of headgear to protect themselves from the sand in the desert, but the majority of arabs and muslims do not wear turbans. A turban is worn by those who follow sikhism and is one of the pillars of the religion. Referring to someone as a towel head (in the U.K at least) is derogetory and will usually be directed to a sikh man with a turban on his head. I can only assume that the other two people who have created a definition are american and therefore stupid.
Racistboy1: oi did you see that f***ing towelhead walkin past our school?
Racistboy2: yeh f***ing pakis and towelheads are all wankers, plus they look stupid with that thing on their head.
Sikh person(on overhearing): actually you chav scum, the turban is an integral part of our culture, how dare you sully our religion with your filthy insluts.
Racistboy1: dickhead(runs away)
by hassansistheman September 07, 2005
Towel Head- a person from or in the middle east-nasty none god fearing people who eat, sleep with, and bare child to goats, people who wership cults and believe in destruction of man kind,people who follow dictators bent on mass jenecide and the non proper treatment of weman and belive that they are only put on earth to reproduce, and think men are for pleasure, and will put you in jail for showing them the bottom of your feet, testical eating camel jokeys.
ahab the arab the sheik of the berning sand jumed on his camel rode over to the public toliet, dug a hole and took a big steamy one, stopped by his local diner and grab some goat testicals, went home sat down showed the bottom of his feet to his wife, left and gave some lovin to his brother muhamad.towel head.
by jiggalo with the most below June 28, 2008
Towel head is an arab person doesn't have to be muslim , the name stuck to them because of the turbans they used to wear and nowdays that wierd towerl they have on thier head thier terrorist peers also warp the towel around thier entire face
Racist moron: Look at that towelhead sand niglet sucide bomber
Towelhead : "u idot peg and monke"
by brave towelhead August 17, 2006
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