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The shit Jackie Chan was eating in Rush Hour while talking to Chris Tucker.
Tucker: Man, what you got me eating?
Chan: That's eel.
Tucker: What you got?
Chan: Camel's hump
Tucker: What?
Chan: Camel's hump
by pbanto August 05, 2008
opposite of camel toe
when a man has on tight pants and has a visible lump in the crotch area.
That male ballet dancer is sportin' a serious camels hump.
by danielle November 12, 2003
A girl that outweighs John Candy.
I got my ass kicked by a camel's hump.
by zack February 23, 2003
When usually a guy comes up to a girl and grabs her shoulders and pokes her is the ass with his knee.
Omg! Josh just camel humped me!
by punky July 18, 2003
because camels... becase camels they just hump.
my camel humped my dad!
by cricaca June 05, 2003
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