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(1) Person who has similar physical characteristics to a bear. Can sometimes be mistaken for one.

(2) Word used to describe an overly confident, sometimes arrogant man who thinks every woman would sleep with him.

(3) Person who has a (very) close affinity to animals.

(4) Name given to an awesome guy of Middle Eastern descent who has a sharp wit and a filthy mind.
(1) Guy 1: "Why are you wearing a black singlet under your white shirt?"
Guy 2: "I'm not. That's just my hair."
Guy 1: "Oh..."

(2) Guy: "Well here I am. What were your other two wishes?"
Girl: "You're such a toufic.. Get over yourself!"

(3) Guy: "Man, I wish I was born in New Zealand. That way people wouldn't think I was so weird..."

(4) Girl: "Hi moot!"
Guy: "Hi spring goose chicken bitch... Ohhhh swish!!!"
by LittleWriggler June 16, 2011

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