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A Online Knowlege Oriented manifestation of ethreal wisdom where one can attain knowledge and ample discretion on the utilization and potential ramifications therof.
Totse a haven for paranoids and visionaries
by Brad June 09, 2004
91 24
Totse is a bizarre and disturbing website, but yet strangely attractive at the same time. The words "pwned" and "owned" are used frequently to insult other users. It has a crude, primeval, ruling class called the "Moderators", who keep the savage population in check. Should be entered only with extreme caution.
Totse is cool. Yeah.
by Social Junker September 30, 2004
117 66
A website featuring an abundance of text files and an ever growing BBS full of idiots, evil geniuses, l337 thierteen year olds, and just about every one else you can think of. A great cure for bordom, but can become addicting.
I learned how to make that turd launcher from Totse.
by slasher_13 October 24, 2004
71 30
Totse is a website, that will tell you a lot about life. www.totse.com is the full address. It's a lot of fun and you're likely to learn a helluva lot. Enjoy it.
www.totse.com is one of the greatest websites on earth. that guy who wrote about the hydrocarbon cannon and stuff... listen to the guy.
by Conor June 05, 2004
58 48
As snoopy put it:

Totse isn't just a website, totse is the first true website, if it can even be called a website anymore. Nowadays, totse is your fat, sweaty Mexican mom. I, snoopy, am the saggy bitchtits that slap your dumb ass skank ho around if you misbehave, or if you just happen to be around me when you shouldn't.

Totse, like all holy things, exists from 3 divine parts. The text file section, the BBS, and the IRC chatroom. The text file section is like the Bible, only better. It, like the bible, is filled with metaphors, riddles and satire. Unfortunately, these are the arch enemies of any idiot's brain, hence the text file section is very hated, yet it is very famous for acts of losing fingers, burning ones face off, getting in jail, getting raped, murder/suicide, molotov everything etc.

The BBS is much like a BBQ. There's the elite, enjoying the weather, food, poolside conversation a.o. However, for every elite, there are about 1000 (one thousand) idiots, throwing around frisbees, kicking footballs into the grill, setting off bottle rockets from our drinks, peeing in the pool and so on and so on.

The IRC room isn't very popular, because it's one of the few corners of totse still held intact by the elites. For a community with thousands and thousands of members, the IRC room never gets more than 20 users at once. This is largely because we, the elites, ban anyone who comes in on tap.
Except, more recently, it has become 1,000,000 idiots for every elite. The elites have sadly left, in hopes of finding a site with less kid/idiots. Sadly, the great Snoopy has left as well. This is why we need all the old guys back, and the noobs Fucking banned
The Totse is in the dictionary under the definition of leet.
by Bates23 (known as as Bates) August 29, 2006
14 50
Something that is cooler than yourself and those around you. pronounced "TOT-SEE"
"That girl is so TOTSE i'll never get her"

"I can't believe this party's so TOTSE"

"Your mom catching skiff-a-lofo-guss from me at last years christmas party when we all got drunk was definitly the most non "TOTSE" moment of my life"
by skitzo Money Boxer boy December 24, 2006
9 57
An online community overrun by fourteen year olds, who\'s vocabulary constists of poorly spelled enumerated words and acronyms that are useless in the real world. It\'s like an online day care where the babysitters have moderator positions.
Topics like \"OMG I AM TEH 1337\" and words and numbers along side punctuation, such as \"OMG!!!!one11!!
by The Utter Truth April 26, 2005
25 144