not telling the thruth
the A in A.F.Pelletier well thinking of it both A and F in it.
by Redeemer October 10, 2003
Top Definition
a gay couple

wich the female is probably a transexual in order to be able to be married and have a normal like.
by Twinkleson October 10, 2003
Thinking as an hobo.

Means being criminal for survival.

When the meaning of inteligence is replaced by i'm swift cause i'm messing arround tricking one and others in order to reach my goal.
when your parents are retards then they have power on you.

but they don't know how to use it well wich mean they gonna fuck you up good.

Best example ever: A.F.Pelletier mostly the A in it.

in other words:

Power given to untrustable hobo like greedy lamers.
by Bruno Labrecque October 10, 2003
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