An underground filmmaking term for "stuntman".
We had to bring in a tossy to do that fight scene.
by BrandonBrandon September 19, 2006
Top Definition
possessing a skill level so high, you can perform your skill with style whilst simultainiously making it look like you dont know what your doing.

that's soooooooooo tossy!
by nutsone March 16, 2009
You act or acted hoeish,so therefore you are tossy
That was so tossy the way she was flirting with him
by Brownee August 28, 2006
Adjective. A situation that is more unpredictable than anything you can ever imagine. Something very unexpected.
Joe: Dude I just won a million dollars just by drinking a gallon of milk!
Jake: Dude that shit is tossy.
by JJpoo1&2 June 05, 2009
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