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To eat out ones' ass thoroughly.
Erin : Hey leahtard what were you doing last night ?
Leah : Just tossin matt's salad agan.
Erin: Any good ?
Leah: If you like tossing the salad it is !
by not_im_scene October 15, 2010
A sexual act often commited by dogs, rodents and celebrities as an inexpensive form of colon cleansing.
Hardtime Suzy: You better hurry up and finish, Paris!
Miss Hilton: Gosh, tossing the salad is hard work... *slurp*
by Wifey McBeatey May 16, 2007
"Tossing the Salad" generally refers to prison. Blatantly put, "eating out of someone's ass". Eat their shit. Now.
"I'm the pie fucker don't you recognize me!?" "In prison, he'll be the pie. (chuckle from other guards)."-jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
by ConclaveSodomy June 24, 2004
licking the ass then kiss
she sucked my anus and kissed me
by anonymous March 30, 2003