when you have to pay to participate because someone else is providing what they paid for.
i.e. if someone brings weed or booze to a party but will share only the amount someone paid for, or decided to 'toss in'
by ellah17 March 27, 2011
Top Definition
1. v. To eat out, or spoon out a females vagina, or pussy.

2. v. Or incorrectly used to mean eating a males asshole.
1. ay brohanis, we tossin' over some ESPN tonight or what

2. forreal man, i tossed the shit outta that cat yesterday.
by Hervingles November 21, 2009
Throwing it back, ya dig
it = (percs, Xannies, flexers, those breezies, and any other pills u fucks with)
Im bout to be tossin son, cause its friday night
by arizona jazz January 30, 2009
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