sonmeone who always comes late
"im waiting for moe but he is gonna take a year because hes a tortoise"
by italianpimpsta September 25, 2002
Top Definition
Noun (ancient Roman military term): a battle tactic in which a squad of soldiers close ranks into a tight square and link their shields over their heads and at their sides all around, creating a nearly impenetrable formation which can advance and engage enemy positions at close range without taking heavy casualties.
During the battle at the Moon Gate in Alexandria, Caesar ordered the deployment of the tortoise formation to neutralize the enemy ballistas.
by speedog July 27, 2010
when one ejaculates on another's back and sticks a pillow to it.
"Forget getting Supermanned, that bitch got Tortoised!!"
by lpLPlp April 05, 2010
An armored reptile, usually equipped with missile launchers which they hide under their shell. Highly underestimated, tortoises hide underground in small clumps, training for the day they unite and take over the world. They infiltrate human bases by appearing cute and posing as pets.

Not to be mistaken for turtles.
Fear me. And fear the tortoise.
by I💗Hypixel May 18, 2016
An older man who likes to date younger women.
Old Marvin is a Tortoise who his new 20 year old girlfriend. Mmmmmhhhhmm
by djdannyd June 05, 2015
Stalker slang for someone who has been successfully intimidated into confining themself to their home, venturing out rarely, like a tortoise sticking their head out of its shell.
My ex-partner is such a tortoise, I wait outside their house for days and never see them until they dash out for groceries. Job done.
by motormind June 02, 2015
Tortoise Another name for a ford Taurus. because if there slowness
That taurus is so slow its like a tortoise
by CGK May 12, 2009
Tourtoise new title for a pedophile
Tortoise is the new word for pedophile. Because they always beat the hair!
by tinyhole August 20, 2012
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