hottest girl in town, usually blue eyed, about 5'6" and in love with a guy not around, amazing, gorgeous, and athletic, this girl isn't easy to get, but is caring for everyone
synonyms: amazing, hot, sexy,
antonyms : ugly, lazy

by mr.warren February 02, 2009
Top Definition
A true and Real person, that you can really trust as a friends. She is always loyal, she always seems to find friends who don't like themselves, so they go behind her back and degrade her as a person. She is truly a woman of God, she get along with everyone she meets. Torri is beautiful inside and out. She normally have short hair and statistically white to light skinned. She is very confident in who she is. It takes a person who is secure in who they are to be able to hang with her on a day to day basis. If you know a Torri give her a hug and don't be scared to befriend her, because she will love you to the end.
Torri is always talking to someone.

I don't tell you, Torri will.

Torri is a trip, she is fun person to hang with.
by swimteam101 February 04, 2010
"Weapon of Thor"
Cute, adorable, loving, handsome and playful. Amazing in bed. Best boy ever. A fighter, headstrong and persistent. A lover of trains. Some may find Tørris to be a bit too keen for them. Still, a great friend to have and a valuable person to know.
"I don't know what to do. I have to find a Tørris to give me things to do!"

"I'm so lonely, I need a Tørris."
"Sorry, I'm with a Tørris right now."

"The Tørris told me to do it."
by rainbow.waterfall April 17, 2013
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