A Tornado Kick is pretty much a controlled chaos. it is a martial arts kick (TaeKwonDo) in which the artist turns 360 degrees and delivers a crushing blow to the opponents head.
guy who thinks hes tough: Hey dude wanna fight?

TaeKwonDo artist: No thats ok. i dont like fighting.

tough guy: *takes a swing at him*

TaeKwonDO: *blocks punch and knocks him on his ass by a tornado kick*

tough guy:*struggles to his feet, spits out some blood and teeth, and walks away crying to his mommy*
#taekwondo #martial arts #band ass #tornado kick #kick
by IrritatedPsycho February 14, 2009
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Top Definition
A 360 degree kick derived from Taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts). If done properly, can be a finishing move that delivers over 700 pounds of force to the neck, chin, or face.
Further variations include the 540, 720, and even 900 degree kick.
That Korean kid Daniel Choi knocked a guy out cold with a quick Tornado Kick to the head.
#kick #360 #tornado #taekwondo #korea #korean #martial arts
by chaowzdakid March 06, 2010
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