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A Tornado Kick is pretty much a controlled chaos. it is a martial arts kick (TaeKwonDo) in which the artist turns 360 degrees and delivers a crushing blow to the opponents head.
guy who thinks hes tough: Hey dude wanna fight?

TaeKwonDo artist: No thats ok. i dont like fighting.

tough guy: *takes a swing at him*

TaeKwonDO: *blocks punch and knocks him on his ass by a tornado kick*

tough guy:*struggles to his feet, spits out some blood and teeth, and walks away crying to his mommy*
by IrritatedPsycho February 14, 2009
Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Eric Koston. Any skater that has alot of hype and also is extremely over rated and not even that good.
Did you see Tony Hawk do his little grab trick while giving a blowjob to a big black guy?

No. Did you see Ragdoll front nose that long as ledge? or how about backheel that 13 stair? Or how about that 3 flip over that handrail? Or...

Ok i get it! Your right. Tony Hawk is a FaggotOnWheels.
by IrritatedPsycho February 13, 2009

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