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Torn city is a text based game where you have to build up your status through training and doing crimes. When you are strong enough, you are able to attack other players and either mug or hospitalize them (put them into hospital):D

You can also trade with other players, create factions and war other factions to gain respect!
Person 1: Hey you know that retard xXx-2cool who made a faction named Dungeons and Dragons
Person 2: Lets hospitalize him!!
Person 1: I wanna get that bstard!
Person 2: I love Torn City how you can payback people by putting them in hospital for hours!
by Garu October 17, 2007
Torncity is a laggy text-based online RP game. it is managed by a chedburn.
Torncity - Crimes

1. You buy the recordable DVDs needed to record the new thriller movie on to and hop on to your PC.
2. You begin recording the thriller DVDs you are going to sell at the local market.
3. You set up the stall and wait for customers.

Result: You manage to sell 2 thriller DVDs earning you $13

by smithwesson November 06, 2008
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