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Toreah also can be called Tori. She is the most beautiful and playful girl you will ever meet. She loves to laugh, and will make you feel good by laughing at all your jokes. Typically blonde, but don't let that fool you into thinking she doesn't have the brains too. She loves sports and can give any guy (be it boyfriend or friend) a definite run for his money. She has many close friends that are girls and guys all want to be her friend. If you ever become friends with or date a Toreah you should consider yourself the luckiest person, because she is basically the most fun, intelligent, sweet, and fantabulous person you will ever Ever meet.
Guy #1: was that a toreah!
Guy #2: idk, but it was awesome!
Guy #1: I must follow!
by westonator November 16, 2013
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