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Toranirl: (n) Tor-aan-irl

A girl, who when seen from the back, appears very attractive. However when one sees the front of her, she is decidedly ugly. This can be due to any number of things, and is up to the viewer's discretion. A phenomenon most often observed when on buses or aeroplanes or any situation where one is situated behind the subject in question.
Reasons for ugliness are at the observer's discretion

Etymology: A portmanteau of Torana (a car which, when seen from behind to a 45 degree angle, appears to be aesthetically promising, but when viewed from the front is disappointing) and the word 'girl'.
Bez: Dude, I thought I saw the hottest girl on the plane!

The Sergeant: Etch man! Serious?

Bez: Yeah dude but when she got up to go to the bathroom I realised she was a Toranirl.

The Sergeant: Oh dude, serious? Man what kind of eshay would go her?
by J & B October 12, 2007
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