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Pronunciation: toe-post-ing

For use on forums.

For someone to be toposting it means that they write epically long posts not answering the topic at hand, but subliminally assuring some sort of higher knowledge than the rest of the members.

The fact is that the subject of, "racism" is both simple and complex. I even had to put the word into quotes since the root of the problem is that nobody can seem to quite agree on what the word even means and, when they do come up with a conceptualized notion of it, their thinking is so, knee-jerk and shallow that the notion of serious consideration of the subject is overshadowed by the hysteria
But, just because you need ways to differentiate between people and things doesn't mean you have to raise the labling to a level of mindless hysteria.

-Dude, WTF? We asked what the borderline between racism and stereotyping is! Stop Toposting damn it!

by CTV June 25, 2008
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