1. To breed with someone of African descent to assimilate some of their genes into one's progeny. Used with the assumption that this will result in desirable physical traits (full lips, curly hair, bronze skin) or African sterotypes (better rhythm, larger penis, better muscle-tone, sports ability).

Usually used by people with some existing negroid admixture.
Check out her nasty thin lips. She should top off on her 'groid.

My phenotype is pretty caucasoid, so if I marry a nice Aethiopid I can top off my blackness without getting maxxed-out features.

#top-off #topoff #top off #miscegenation #miscegenate #race mix #jungle fever
by RAS crew November 29, 2006
Top Definition
To give him oral sex
I was just wondering if you top off ?
#dick #oral #sex #penis #brain
by BlackDiamondz April 06, 2006
I would like top-offs for my hotdog.
#condiments #ketchup #mustard #catsup #mayonnaise
by ohashala May 04, 2010
After cumming in a girl's or guy's butthole, you pee in it.
I fucked this girl in the ass last night and after I busted in her butthole, she asked me for a top off, so I peed in her butt.
#piss #butthole #ass #cumming #fucking
by vinny vega December 11, 2006
to poop in someone else's butt
as an inside joke at a wedding by the best man: "when times are hard, you've always been there to top me off"

as an inside joke when filling people's beer cups at a party with a pitcher, filled up from the keg: "anyone need a top off?"

when you actually poop in someone else's butt
#top #off #butt #poop #pooping #in #someone
by meaty hand man August 04, 2008
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