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Top spinner is derogatory to itself, if you say this word you are cappin' on yourself.
Haha look at that skinny kid, what a Top Spinner. (Damn im fat). Wow, that old guy is such a Top Spinner. (Wow, how stupid i am!).
by [CIA]Official September 04, 2003
2 2
One who spins the top and a strange, white liquid soon comes out of the "top"
Hey shit look at that top spinner, jizzing all over his mother's vagina (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
by word son! August 18, 2003
0 1
Bitch, Ass, Cunt, Pussy, Fucker, Motherfucker, Cockslap, Dick knocker, Knob Slobber, all the derogatory words; Wrapped in 2 Convienient and Easy to use word(s).
Look at that old lady struggling to lift her grocery bag, What a top Spinner.

look at that faggot jock, what a top spinner
by [CIA]Justin[ePc] August 16, 2003
1 3