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When you don't know the words to a song but you know how the song goes, you just tootley toot!
Allison: Hey Bill!

Bill: Hold on, the adults are talking... Hey Tom! What's your favorite Batman gadget?

Tom: Wow, that's an easy one. The grappling hook that looks like the bat symbol.

Bill: Alright Allison, how can I help you?

Allison: Bill do you like music?

Bill: Why yes, I do! But seriously, these days who has the time to learn all those lyrics?

Allison: Oh, I was about to ask you the lyrics to a song, but I guess you wouldn't know...

Bill: Au contraire! I have an excellent system for remembering lyrics!

Allison: Oh really what is it?

Bill: Well, it's called tootley tooting... a little trick I learned at the bicycle store.

Allison: Tootley tooting? Are you just pulling my chain?

Bill: No Allison, it's real and it really works too. I can teach you in about three minutes and twenty-eight seconds and you'll be set for life! But I have to show you, it doesn't translate well into text.

*Bill shows Allison how to tootley toot*

Allison: Ohhh my gawwwd! Chiiiiiild! That is fantastic, I almost peed myself.

Tom: What are you guys talking about?

Allison: Nothing.

*Bill winks at Allison*

Tom: Whatever. Pfft.

Abortionist: You guys ready or what?

Allison: Hold on, I think I really did pee myself.

*Bill and Tom high-five and do the dude love dance*
by fingernails September 07, 2009
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