A casual verson of the word "touche." Can be used in a variety of situations. Can also be used when you just feel like saying it. Often accompanied by wiggling of the fingers in direction of your toosh.
person1-Man this food sucks.
person2-No it doesn't.
person1-Try it.
person2-Ugh toosh.
by fornstar November 06, 2006
A person who is both a tool and a douche.
Tim: Hey that guido just punched a little girl in the face

Tom: What a toosh!
by Henrik Harlaut April 25, 2010
Toosh (tush): the acne on and around your jaw line.
Man my toosh is really gettin bad lately.
by whitslegit December 03, 2010
The sound you make when pretending you are shooting someone with your thumb and index finger.
Johnny: "toosh! TOOSH! aha, you are dead."
Tommy: "Not yet, toosh toosh now i got you:)"

by akldjfasdflsadjfa January 01, 2008
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