a female who engages in sexual intercourse with a male known socially as a tool
The young lady abandoned her standards of dating and eventually became a tool shed.
#bimbo #slut #gold digger #skank #bitch
by Terry Sachs December 20, 2011
A large appendage of abdominal fat that covers up the (usually male) genetalia. Hence, a "shed" for one's "tool."
"Ha ha! I went into WalMart yesterday, and it was filled with people with tool sheds wearing tight pants!"
#fat #abdomen #tool #shed #obese #obesity
by ProfessorOwl May 14, 2007
A group of five or more people acting or dressed like tools in public, especially occupying the same booth at a restaurant.

Also abbreviated to "Shed" i.e. "Don't look now, but they're building a shed by the Student Center"
Stay away from Hollister, that place is a total Tool Shed.

God damn, a Tool Shed just sat at the next booth.
#shed #tool #tools #douchebag #douchebags
by Tonaho April 10, 2011
Where people go when they make a really tool-ish comment.
Boy 1: Hey dude can you lend me a couple dollars?
Boy 2: Oh yeah sure best friend here's your money, and maybe we can hang out later?
Boy 1: Nah, but thanks for the money, and when you're done go to the tool shed douche.
#tool #toolbag #fagbag #gay #toolbox
by youknowit21454 June 05, 2010
A place to "hwhack it." It is very important to emphasize the "h" at the beginning.
Butthead: Hey, Beavis, hu-hu, Mr. Anderson's coming.
Mr. Anderson: Hey! You boys better not be out there hwhackin in my tool shed!
#hwhack #whack #ejaculitis #beavis #butthead
by CapnCratch September 04, 2009
The ultimate tool keeper. A tool shed is the evolved version of a tool box. Why? She has way to many tools to have just a box, infact a tool shed may have 3 or 4 tool boxes inside their tool shed. And who knows what other mechanical wonders she has in there!!!
A tool shed is a girl who has had sexual intercourse with a phenomenal amount of the men (tools) shes been using.

Convo between 2 girls:

Girl 1: "Like omg!, that whore has fucked like... 34 guys just for their money!"

Girl 2: "Like i know! What a fucking tool shed!"

#tool #tool bag #rusty tool #idiot #tool box.
by Henry McByrd April 24, 2009
This is when he/she greatly exceeds the simple term of tool, toolkit etc.And has now infact become a greater loser then before, a toolshed.
Mike: geez John is such a douchebag.

Matt: yeah he's turned into a real fuckin tool shed.
#tool #toolbox #toolkit #toolshed #ace hardware.
by matt12327 April 13, 2006
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