The study of shaving.
She is not merely a shaving aficionado, she is a devoted tonsumology student.
by InspiringK April 10, 2011
Tonsumology is the study of shaving.

The study of shaving is not limited to face shaving, but face shaving is the major focus of the field. Similarly, tonsumology is concerned with all forms of shaving including cart and electric shaving, but focuses on the art of traditional wet-shaving. Special attention is paid to wet-shaving with a single blade where the participant also builds lather by using brush, because this is considered to be the pinnacle of shaving techniques.
Some people simply shave. Barbers offer professional shaves. Others become so enamored with the techniques and materials used in proper shaving that they become involved in tonsumology.
by arrowsP160 May 01, 2011

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