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To be soundly beaten, especially in sports.
Man City got tonked by Chelsea last night! 4-0? Ouch!
by ColinZeal August 07, 2006
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well built, muscly etc.. hench
dat bre is bare tonked
by ShOk April 10, 2005
Tonked or Tonqued / tongkId/ adj & adv 1. lit. a state of exceeding inebriation 2. alcohol induced debauchery or utter desiccation of common morality 3. the process of achieving inebriation usually through whisky choice deferred by one to another

Origin: Brit/Amer slang rumoured to have originated in Portugal
Let's get tonked! I am tonked. I was so tonked last night that I shall forever live in a state of perpetual regret.
by bulghur November 20, 2009
To gain a headshot in CSS, the sound made is similar to the worked "Tonked"
He just tonked me in the face
by Lee G July 08, 2005
well u see it when ur sittin in the back of the bus and it hits a bump and u fly off the seat
jimmy got tonked on the bus
by Top August 26, 2005

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