The act of licking with great enthusiasm, so much that it appears as if the licker is attempting to lift the entire body weight of the lickee using only the tongue.
Analagous to a floor jack lifting a car.
Used for describing the act of cunnilingus or analingus, or non literally as an eager ass kisser or brown noser.
I tongue jacked her so hard, I lisped for three days afterward.

She asked me not to tongue jack her until the friction burns healed.

No need to tongue jack my shitbox, I'll lend you the money.
by SometimesDoc January 04, 2007
Top Definition
To lick furiously with intent to stimulate or destroy. Usually tongue jacking is done to the asshole, cooter, or nuts.
My shitboxwas in need of an immidiate tonguejacking due to the massive load my boyfriend just blew on it.
Also see...toungejack.
by Shweetbox July 16, 2005
To stimulate sexually with one's tongue. Earliest origins are traced to the mouth of the RumblePig.
Dude, you nasty bitch! You tongue-jacked her shitbox?
by larry beavers October 26, 2004
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