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to forcefully thrust your tongue into one of many holes
im going to tongue punch your fartbox
by tonguepucnhyou August 28, 2010
A hard, forceful attack from a tongue to a woman's special area which allows for maximum pleasure and minimal neck strain.
My woman came over last night, I made her dinner and a quick tongue punch before we went to sleep.
by Flizoyd April 30, 2006
The act of sticking your tounge in someones oriffice.
I am going to tongue punch your dirt hole(ass!)!
by matumus February 02, 2010
The viscious act of craming one's tongue into a body orfice
Dude, I tongue punched that old lady's smelly dirt ring!!
by comet1 July 16, 2010
A stabbing motion with the tongue.
Donald Rumsfield tonguepunches the stankstar!
by InfernalDante June 06, 2009
to eat out; lick
Right now, I think my girlfriend should tongue-punch my dirt star.
by kalaftw December 21, 2008