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when a dude sticks his tongue up a pussy
"i gave mary the best tongue job last nite"
by Robb May 24, 2003
a tongue job (TJ) is when a woman pleasures a man's penis with only their tongue. If penis touches lip or cheek, it has now become a blow job.
Guy #1:Did you see H-Money doin' work on that mans dick?
Guy #2: Ya, i don't think his cock ever touched the inside of his mouth.
Guy #3: Ya, they call that a tongue job.
#tongue #job #tj #h-money #balls
by I give tj' May 19, 2009
1. The act of giving your partner's tongue a blow-job

2. Sucking on a tongue like it is a dick
Guy 1: Yo, I just got back from making out with my girl friend for the first time!!

Guy 2: Really??? how was it?

Guy 1: It was awesome. And she gave me a tongue-job!!
#t-job #tongue job #tongue #job #making out #kissing
by Xennius September 24, 2011
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