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To give oral sex to a woman, obviously sticking your tongue in and out of her vagina.
Delta wanted a tongue fuck so bad last night.
by Jilina September 27, 2005
When a male, (or female) stick their tongue inside the female partner's vagina and licks it clean or until she reaches orgasm.
"I got to tongue-fuck my girl"

I had so much fun tongue-fucking my girlfriend last night. she came while my tongue was inside her pussy.
by Morningstar September 25, 2007
When your having such a good kiss it feels like your tongue Fucking.
I love when he kisses me it's like he's tongue Fucking me.
by to January 22, 2015
To kiss someone passionately with the your tounge as if you're giving oral to them, as moving tongue really fast in someone else's mouth like a vibrator
I was enjoying tonguefucking you!
by Sexguru30 May 11, 2016
A food or drink that smells utterly rank but tastes quite good. (Ex: Red Bull) It can also be applied to a food or beverage that smells good but tastes quite bad. (ex: laundry detergent, do not try)
person 1: bro, red bull smells hella grody. how does it taste?

person 2: nah brah, red bull's delish. that shit's a tonguefuck
by hella hyperactive hooligan March 27, 2010
The tingling sensation you may sometimes get in your mouth while having sex or masturbating.
"Ahhh. Ahhh, dude. I got tongue fuck."
by kcpunk October 27, 2009
1. To use the tongue to suck and enter the asshole of a partner before anal intercourse. The tongue is often repeatedly jabbed at the asshole to relax and open the ass ring.

2. To use the tongue to suck and enter the asshole of a partner after anal intercourse. Used as a method of extraction of semen and other fluids from the rectum. See felch.
Tom tongue fucked his buddy's tangy asshole and reclaimed his load of cum.
by B-MOT April 10, 2006
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